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HSDIO PXIe-6556 Hardware compare for large files


I'm developing a system with Labview2013, TestStand2013, PXIe-6556 and HSDIO driver 2.0


The system diagram is:


Pxie-6556 >----------------------- 12 channels ------------------------------------ 4 channels ------> Dut1 (jtag 3ch out 1ch in)

Hardware compare mode                                         |-------------------- 4 channels ------> Dut2 (jtag 3ch out 1ch in)

                                                              |-------------------- 4 channels ------> Dut3 (jtag 3ch out 1ch in)


The goal is to develop a hardware compare mode test for a very large test vector file >10Gbytes


The issues are:


1. How to convert this file from csv or vcd to hws using the Digital waveform editor 3.0? (split in files of the xx Mbytes?)

2. How to implement the hardware compare mode. Load the file from disk in steps of xx Mbytes in a loop?






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Hello engfpe,

You can IMPORT .vcd or .csv files:


In Digital Waveform Editor: File > Import > From VCD or From ASCII (ASCII file includes .txt, .csv, .prn, .tab)

If you select VCD option, through VCD Import Wizard, choose which signals you want add to editor. Therefore, you can split your test vector in separated signals and then save as a smaller HWS file.




Daniel W. F.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

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