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HSDIO Dynamic Generation of Digital Signals on Separate Non-sequential Ports Using the PCI-6542

I am using the PCI-6542 trying to generate serial data timing on separate non-sequential ports 8, 9 and 16 as shown in the attached Digital Waveform Editor JPEG file




I would like to be able to send binary data to ports (lines) 8, 9 and 16 without disturbing the other 29 ports on the PCI-6542 board. Looking on various HSDIO examples I don't see the capability of being able to send dynamic generation in binary format to a group of ports or being able to mask out non-timing involved ports like you can in static generation. 


Was anyone successful in implementing this type of serial binary timing waveforms using the PCI-6542 board.

Please advise.



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Hi Nycor,


Outputting your data on lines that you specify is indeed possible on HSDIO cards.  You just need to list the channels you want to use in your Channel List when call the niHSDIO Assign Dynamic Channels VI.  For example, for lines 8, 9, and 16, you would input 8,9,16 into the Channel List.  Order in this list matters, so the first waveform in your file will correspond to line 8, second waveform to line 9, etc.  If your waveforms are out of order in your file, then rearrange the Channel List accordingly.


One of my colleagues here is actually working on an example that implements this; I believe it may be for an open service request that you have.  I will speak with her when she is done and see if there is some example code we can provide that demonstrates this.  If you have further questions, I am happy to help out here, but you will likely get faster response through your open service request via phone and email.



Chris Elliott
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Thanks Chris,


It was not not clear on the documentation or examples that you can do this dynamically on individual lines

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