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Error 50152 on pci-6509

Hi  ,


I have just installed  the pci 6509 on a  windows up machine .   In the  device manager  everything seems fine.


Using  meausurement and Automation  It is  recognise in the deviceand interface  tree  but  comes back with hardware fault  50152.





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Hi Cadiz,


Thank you for your post. Your application sounds very interesting. I have been looking into your issue and I was wondering if it would be possible if you could firstly try downloading the latest version of the DAQmx drivers called DAQmx 8.8.


This can be found at the following link:


If this fails to work, please can you try to insert the card into another one of the PCI slots. Alternatively, I was wondering if it would be possible to test your setup using another PCI card that you know works, so you can test to make sure the PCI slot is functioning correctly.

I hope this information helps.


Kind regards,


Jordan Power
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi J Powers,


Thanks for your help .  I tried the   new driver  and it has not made   things  better .


previously   the card  would   show up with a  green icon  and  a  little red cross . Now it is  just white . Also  it no longer  gets the   irq  number and the  hex  address.


Thing  have become  worse .


I  talked to   NI and they were  very  helpfull .  I discovered that if the card has two  slots it  can work on  3.3 Volts and  5 Volts   in the PCI  slot .


 So mine should work .  I tried  all 3 available slots  .  NI  engineer thinks it is a dud .  Only on thing left is to  try in another  machine .


Will  do on the 18th October . Will keep you informed .



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I am getting "Error -50152 ocurred at self-test"


when trying to install a PCI-6519 in an industrial PC (see links)


the NI card works fine in another PCs


can anyone help us here?


thank you 



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the P/N is PCI-6518

the rest holds true 

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Hi Luis SPX ,


Thanks for  looking into this . I  gave the  card back to the  person I  bought it from, the   story ends  there .



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