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Error 200294 and 200621

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My application is to be able to switch writing AO from single analog to finite analog signal (in the form of waveform) using the usb6001. 

Mode Setup and Stop write single analog 

Mode Run = write waveform


When I run it with my laptop, it has no issue but when I run Application on a Surface Pro I get


Error 200294 : Not enough samples were written to satisfy the initial data transfer request condition

When I switch from single analog to waveform *Caveat, this sometime works


Error 200621 : Onboard device memory underflow. Because of system and/or bus-bandwidth limitation, the driver could not write data to the device fast enough to keep up with the device output rate.

When I switch from waveform to single analog


Conceptually I think is because there is no data in the buffer for it to write??  I am not sure 


Any pointer would be much appreciated!


Edit: Sorry I meant to add the topic to Motor Control

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Hi Billy07,


How is your physical setup different on the Surface Pro vs your laptop? Are you running an executable or transferring the whole VI itself?


Additionally do you have errors like this occur when running example code or similar with DAQ on the Surface Pro?



Tyler C.
Technical Support Engineering
National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author Billy07

The physical setup is the same.  The only different of course is the computer spec and the Surface Pro is equipped with an USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 that is on my laptop.


I am running an executable.  It would work with using the laptop.


I have not ran example code.  Can you direct me to them?


Additionally, when i switch all the modes to running 1D waveform (i.e. for stop mode, i am writing a 0V at 0.01 delta T instead of a single analog value), it would run fine.  I can switch mode as quick as I can tap the Surface and it still runs perfectly.


I am happy it works but it would be nice to know why I couldn't run it the way I described in my original post.  Thank you

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