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Elvis I DIO problem.

hi everybody....


i'm using ELVIS I (PCI 6014) and Labview 7.1 to develop some specific exercises.  I can work with the DIO of the ELVIS using the "digital Reader" and "digital Writer" with no problem at all,

But right now i need to use them (DIO) with my own applications in Labview,  so i tried to run a test  using the "test panels" at the Measurement and Automation Studio but no matter how hard i try to change the configuration of the port0 (all inputs, all outputs, etc), it doesn't allow me to write or to read the status of any single I/O; therefore i has been impossible for me to use a digital input or output of the ELVIS breadboard sucessfully in labview.

I already check the examples for DAQ, already check the breadboard, but... nothing.


I'll appreciatte any help anyone can give me about this.





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Lro007 -


Look at the following forum post. The guy aparently had the exact same problem as yours. see if this solution works for you.


If not, what error messages (if any) do you recieve?


Forum post

Bruno Noronha

Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer

Using LabVIEW 8.6
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