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Dirac Delta Pulse for Black Box Indentification



I am trying to identify the impedance and response of a device. I am using Agilent 4140B Pico ammeter\D.C voltage source. The way it is to be done is as following.


1. Trigger the DC voltage to  Dirac delta pulse (a waveform of infinite amplitude with zero period), step function in real. The pulse will have in it pulses of all possible amplitudes ideally. Subject the transmissions lines of the device to pulse and read the response of the device. The response should have signature of the device impedances.


2. Generate a sine wave by trigger the DC voltage at various levels and collecting them to form a waveform a period for a particular time. The response of the device should have the signature of it and also let me know information about the reflection, refraction, dissipation and absorption. It is like impedance matching and transmission line characterization.


I am having difficult in implementing the concept. Examples will be helpful.


Kindly advise.





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