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DIO 6509 board with SCB 68

I am using DIO 6509 PCI board which has 100 pin connector and 96 DIO. I am connecting this with SCB 68 connector block with 100-6868 cable. Is it possible to use with this configuration, if so then where I can find pin assignment for this particular configuration?.
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Hi Venkat,

The SH1006868 may work with the 6509, but there is no documentation for the pin mapping for the 6509 since the cable was not designed with this board in mind.  There is documenation of how the 6031E, 6033E, and 6071E (all 100-pin boards) maps to your pin outs when using the SH1006868 cable, and you may be able to compare this with the "regular" 100 pin mapping to see how the 6509 will map to your SCB-68.  You can find these mappings in the E Series Help file, or in the following KnowledgeBase:

The trouble with this is that it looks like the SH1006868 routes some of the signals on the 100 pin end multiple times on the 68-68 pin end.  For example, with the 6031E, there is only 2 DGND pins when you are using a 100 pin straight through cable, but when using the 100 to 68-68 cable, there are 13 DGND pins.  My recommendation is it may not be worth your time and trouble to translate the pin mappings by hand, and you may want to look at the straight through 100 pin cable with an SCB-100.

Thaison V

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I am trying to do the same thing: go from 100pin connetctor to 2\two 68 pin connectors using the SH100-68-68, without using any of the series E boards.  I created the corresponding pin maps using the pinout of 6031E. I believe the pins are correctly mapped (but I haven't used it yet....if anybody finds a mistake PLEASE let me now...)

Below I attach the pdf and Excel files with the pin maps.



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