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DAQCard-6533 Connections

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I have a DAQCard-6533 with the following cables and connector box. Is this a valid configuration? I am having difficulty reading the inputs.


1835698-01 .1 meter cable, adapter from the card to:

183432B-02 2 meter cable

CB-68LP connector box

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Hi buckeye -


     The 183432B-02 cable, CB-68LP connector box and DAQCard-6533 are all compatible.


     I am a little unclear on what the 1835968-01 is.  Can you double-check that part number and provide a description of what it is?  I can't seem to find it in our parts catalog.



Gary P.
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National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author buckeye80

It appears to be similar to a cable with part number, PSHR68-68M.


I believe that I got through this. Pin 1 of the connector to the PCCard was not marked. Unfortunately, it fits in the card both ways and I had it reversed (upside down). I found this out by injecting +5v signal and looking at the response via the Measurement and Automation utility.


Thanks, for your help!


Go Bucks!

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