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DAQ signal accessory 50-pin I/O not working

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Why is the 50-pin I/O in my 6014 DAQ not working? please help guys


when I use the analog channels available on my signal accessory, it works. however, if I use the analog channels on the 50-pin MIO, it does not work at all.


do i need to enable it or what?

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Hi jerlim,


What is your exact setup?  And what exactly are you trying to do? You shouldn't need to specifically enable it.

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sir, thanks for the reply.

just want to be sure. i am using this board:



i want to utilize as much analog and digital IO pins. however, it does not work when i use the 50-pin whether NRSE or Differential. it only works when i use the quick connect for analog. in that case, i would be limited to only 2 analog inputs and no digital IO since there are no quick connects for digital IO.



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Accepted by topic author jerlim
You aren't making much sense. The 50 pin connectors are for connecting to a 50 pin daq device. You should really be using something like the scb-68 breakout board.
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ooh.sorry.i'm still new. so i can't just selectively use some of the pins? (e.g 4 digital IO pins) sorry. my bad 😞

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Accepted by topic author jerlim

This is pretty old hardware. As Dennis mentioned, you can use a breakout board from the 68-pin D-SUB connector. The SCC-68 is listed under Accessories here. The SCB-68 is here. The SCB-68A is here. The pinouts are on page 4-2 of the user manual here. I recommend reading through the different relevant sections of it for more answers.   A link to the Lab/1200 Series support is here.

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thanks guys. kudos to both of you.

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