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DAQ randomly resets or malfunctions

Hi, I am using a DIO 24 port DAQ in conjuction with LabVIEW program. The DAQ is programed to output a square wave that is sent to different buttons on a remote control. The DAQ is configured to be all output and all low. Sometimes the DAQ will malfunction and begin sending continuous signals to any random port on. These signals are random; sometimes it will just keep firing one signal, sometimes it will go back and forth between a few of them. The problem sometimes goes away if I reconfigure the DAQ, but sometimes that doesn't work and it just stops on its own. The DAQ keeps re-setting itself; how do I perminently configure the DAQ?


Can anyone tell me why this is happening or how to fix it? It doesn't seem to have any corrilation to our LabVIEW programing, or really to anything else for that matter.

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This is a duplicate of another thread. Discussion about this problem will occur in the other thread:

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