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Current and voltage of NI-9482

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How much are the current and the voltage released from NI-9482 with the attached VI (simplest VI)?

The user manual of NI-9482 tells us the maximum current and voltage; 2.5A max at 30VDC, 1A max at 60VDC, and 2.5A max at 250Vrms. Is the maximum current applied with the simplest VI? How to control the magnitude of electrical current?

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The NI-9482 is an elctromechanical relay module, you can't control the current or voltage.

You apply a voltage to a coil and the coil will demand the current from the power supply,

this current passes through the contacts of the relay. 



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NI-9482 does not provide any power, it is a relay module, which in layman's terms a controllable switch. Like how a switch does not provide the power to appliances, this relay module too.


You need to use this relay module in series with the power supply and the equipment you're trying to control, just like a switch. This is also represented in the module in the simplified electrical diagram,



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