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Controlling a digital output channel with Metamorph

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Hello everyone,


I am using a NI USB-6501 Board to toggle the shutter of my lab (XCITE DC200). This is working perfectly fine with the MAX software. For my experimental designe I need to toggle it within Metamorph though (to achieve a more accurate toggle), and there is an metamorph extension I can use to access it. Yet it does not have an effect when i toggle the selected pin within metamorph. I am using version 16 of the MAX software.


Does anyone of you have experinces with that?


Thank you for your help!

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Hello Dynein,

what do you mean with Metamorph extension?

what should be done?

On the USB-6501 the DIO are software timed you can use the DAQ assistant to control them in a easy way.

What i found is this


best regards
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Hello Alexander,

Thank you for your reply!

By extension I mean the drop in called I/O Control in Metamorph. If gives me the option to pick a DOI Board (also shows me the USB-6501) and activate / inactivate certain channels. Yet there is no measurable voltage change when I activate the Pins in metamorph.


I also tried to do it in the way descriped in the pdf you posted, but I am still having the same problem.

I dont have the DAQ Assistant / LabView. I also would prefer to control the Board within metamorph, which would allow me to write a skript which would control the shutter and filtercubes simultaneously

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Accepted by topic author Dynein

Hello Dynein,

in this case please contact the vendor of the software Metamorph, because our board and our driver is working you checked this with the MAX. It could be a version incompatibility.

best regards
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Did you find out how to control digital I/O in Metamorph? If so, could you share that information with me?

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How to successfully install an NI device in Metamorph?

What is required on the Metamorph side is the Metamorph module called
Digital Input/Output Option. Driver to control custom RS232 (serial) and digital (TTL) devices (order code 40012).

Recent Metamorph versions 7.8.13, or 7.10 or 7.10.1 (version 7.9 does not exist) work with NI-DAQ versions 16 and 17, I also worked with a yet older NI-DAQ version 9.2. NI-DAQ must be installed.

Open Meta Imaging Series Administrator:

- go to Drop-Ins/Toolbars, activate Category "Legacy" and "Occasional" and select "customio"

- go to "Configure Hardware" -> "Install System Devices", shift "National Instruments NI DAQmx" from left to right, namely from "available devices" to "installed devices"

Once there are NI items in "installed devices" they are clickable and can be checked out if they are working

- go to "Configure Hardware" -> "Configure Devices" (important, many forget the step) and shift National Instruments from "available devices" to "claimed devices"

- Click "apply" and "OK" as often as possible. The clicks on "apply" and "OK" are relevant


Open Metamorph software

- Go to pull-down menue Devices -> Device Control -> Component Control

- Go to pull-down menue Devices -> Configure Illumination and use the NI items you need


Happy to assist further. What Metamorph version do you currently use?

The installation is actually easier than you may think.






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