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Digital I/O

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Controlling IO on CVS1450

Hi There,
 I would like to test the IO on my CVS-1456 but I can't locate any examples for this.  I have found references in various documentation to files which should be in the
'program files\labview\examples\ni1450\ni 1450 signal IO.llb' 
 but I can't find this on my system.  I have the professional development system and am using labview 8.  I can see the CVS1456 in MAX fine and can get images without a problem but I am a bit stumped as to how to control the IO.
 Sorry if I missed something blindingly obvious, but I really have been trying for a good long time today.
thanks in advance
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Hello Peter,

There is an example program located here:
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.0\examples\IMAQ\IMAQ IO.llb\Digital IO Test

You should also be able to find it in the NI Example Finder.  Open LabVIEW and click Help>>Find Examples.  Click on the Search tab, search "CVS", and select the Digital IO Test Panel example.

If this example is not there, try going to Control Panel>>Add/Remove Programs>>National Instruments Software.  Click the Change button and then select NI-IMAQ For IEEE 1394 Cameras and click Modify.  Make sure you install NI-IMAQ For IEEE 1394 Hardware Support.  Also make sure you have LabVIEW Support for NI-IMAQ I/O installed.

Allen H.
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Thanks for your reply Allen,

 I have found the examples you described and will have a go at them.  Would yuo happen to know if I can perform online debugging using the CVS platform and Labview 8.0?



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Have had a look at the code and am now able to debug and test on the RT target.  The new Labview 8.0 project manager is really nice for real time targets!


thanks all.


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