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Connection between DI/Os and pushbutton and toggle switches


i need some advice on the connection between DI/Os and pushbutton and toggle switches. How are the connections like and how am I supposed to use LabVIEW to program it?


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I'm assuming that you mean pushbuttons and toggle switches on the front panel. If you would look at the shipping example called Write Dig Chan (Find Examples>Hardwaire Input and Output>DAQmx>Digital Generattion), you would see how an array of Booleans is connected to DAQmx Write. If you didn't want to use an array on the front panel, you could use the build array on the diagram. If you wanted to control a single line, DAQmx Write would be set to Digital>Single Channel>Single Sample>Boolean by right clicking and do a Select Type. Then you can wire up a front panel Boolean to the DAQmx Write data input.
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