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Compatibility Issue - MAX 4.7.1 and Labview 10

I had installed a DAQ card PCI-6509 (purchased in 2008) in a 32 bit Windows XP desktop PC loaded with Labview 10. Before inserting the card, I had installed DAQ-mx 8.6 which originally came in CD with the card in 2008. Then, in NI-MAX, the card was visible (screenshot attached) but within Labview-10 "Block Diagram" the DAQ Assistant was not visible - as DAQmx 8.6 is not compatible with LV-10.


Next, I had downloaded DAQmx 9.2.2; and after installation, in Labview 10, "DAQ Assistant" is visible but in MAX 4.7.1 the card 6509 is not visible (another screenshot attached). Whereas, in computer Device Manager - the card PCI-6509 is still visible.


My actual Problem :       As in MAX-4.7.1 the card is not visible - DAQ Assistant in LV-10 block diagram can not find the hardware.


Kindly help me to detect problem.

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