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Code interface node in DDE master in LabView 2013

Hello everybody, 


The communication in the driver for EXFO IQ-203 is established trhough DDE Server. The problem is, that the integrated in the LabView DDE Server (labview\vi.lib\platform\dde.llb), in particular DDE master contains a  Code Interface Node that is no longer supported by the LabView 2013. 


Before trying to rewrite the Code Interface Node into the Call Library Function, (that I don't really know how to do and that seems very hard because of the complicated nature of the DDE Servers) I wanted to ask if there is a way to make CIN work in the DDE master or maybe someone has an updated version of it which works in LV 2013. 


Thank you very much.




P.S. Hope it is a right board for this quesion.

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Dear Nick,

is that name of the EXFO instrument correct? I tried finding it and its corresponding driver, but I was not successfull. Could you please provide a link  which directs me to it?


Regards Anoj

Anoj Mubarak
National Instruments
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Hello Anoj, 


here is some info about IQ 203

I have modules IQ 1200, IQ 2100 and IQ 1100 inside. 


But the EXFO driver is not the actual problem. The error why the driver won't start is the DDE control that is integrated in the LabView and is not part of the EXFO driver. 


There are no drivers for these EXFO devices in LabView library, but I will send you the driver via direct message so that you see it for yourself. 




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Are you using LabVIEW 64-bit? CINs don't work on 64-bit LabVIEW, it's old technology for x32 only and isn't supported by NI anymore. However, DDE CIN works fine on my LabVIEW 2013 (32-bit) installed in W7 x64.

You can not rewrite existing DDE CIN because there are no sources for it and there's no possibility to get it due to some intrinsic LV API operations during DDE communication (for instance, LinkDdeCallback function). Additionally, DDE is considered to be an out of date legacy protocol and should be avoided in new applications. You may try more modern and robust techniques for interprocess communication, e.g. COM/ActiveX or .NET, if it's available by your vendor software. Of course, you also may write 64-bit DDE DLL to call it from LabVIEW but it's not worth the time and efforts and it may not work at all. One more solution is to go to LV 32-bit instead of 64.

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Yes, I am using 64-bit version. That can be a problem.


I have just found a way to comunicate with this device without DDE, so this thread can be closed. 


Thx for help. 


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