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Chassis mounting connector that mates with the SH100-100-F cable.

I want to connect to the PXI-6509 board using the SH100-100-F cable. However, the other end of the cable needs to connect to a chassis mounted connector.
The only connectors that I can find that mates to the 100 pin SCSI plug on the cable are PCB mounting, (Tyco 749111-8).
Does anyone know of a chassis mount 100 pin SKT or can they suggest another solution ?
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I can't find a specific product that is adverstised as a chassis/panel mount connector. I wonder if the PCB connector (Male) would be suitable, as I'm sure it has fixing holes that you could use for mounting. Obviously the vertical item would be the only possibilty.
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Yes, I had considered using the PCB connector, but wasn't sure if the fixing required to the panel may have caused a problem with connecting to the cable connector.
Also was worried how easy it would be to wire directly to the pins of a PCB connector.
Therefore I have decided to use the NI 100-way terminal block SCB-100 in my test interface.
However, thanks for your suggestion.
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