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Changing io direction of fpga resource

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Hi All,

I'm working with a cRio 9056 with a ni 9321 module. I'm using the fpga to generate pulses with the dio pins so I need to use them as digital outputs.


I'm not quite acclimated to FPGA and I'm struggling with one small problem. When I try to change the DIO type from input to output, the table in the properties section changes, but the actual object in the block diagram is still an input type. How do I fix this?


I've tried removing the module from the project and adding it again. I've tried restarting LabVIEW, the computer, and the cRIO.










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It seems I found a solution. This seems to brute force it to output data.



I got the idea from here:


Edit: as a note, the vi had to be in the same folder as the DIO resources. In this case, it was in the Mod3 folder.

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