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Change NI-9223 to NI-9201 as an alternative

Hi all, 


currently, we apply NI-9223 and NI 9264 as a standard part of our DAQ system. However, we are now discussing if we could swap NI-9223 to NI-9201 whose sampling rate is 500ks/s/ch as an affordable alternative. We don't need the sampling rate as fast as 1Ms/s/ch actually. The difference of resolution doesn't mean too much in our test. So, is it workable? 



Many thanks



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You lose quite a lot of features and it is even possible that 9201 may not even fit your application.


From software, it might work just fine but hardware performance is widely different.

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it does lose some key feature as I look more close at the specs like simultaneous sample. In general, may I say, I can use 92-series without any compatibility issue despite losing some features. For example, I pick up 9225 or 9222 with inferior sampling rate. 

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