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Can a single digital input channel span multiple devices (6509's)?

I have a test system with a lot of digital I/O. I like grouping related things together when possible and in this case some of the digital inputs span multiple 6509's. Can a single virtual input channel be created that spans multiple devices, i.e.:

"PXI1Slot2/port0:3, PXI1Slot3/port0:3"

I have tried using the channel list when create my input channel but I get errors when the list spans multiple devices. In my application, I would like to avoid having to split them up into separate channels.


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The short answer is No. But you can definitely sample multiple channels from multiple devices, it's just you will have to create a task in MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer) and configure to include the desired channels from various devices. In LabVIEW simply select a 'DAQmx Task Name Constant', select the task you just created and wire that to an Input of your first DAQ VI. If you do this you do not need to have a 'DAQmx Create Physical Channel' VI or 'Create Task' because it is already created in MAX.


I hope this helps.

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