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Can a USB-6501 input bit trigger an event frame?

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Attached are two screen shots of the LabVIEW code I need the USB-6501 to work with.


Shown in the file:  “LaserScan Motor Controller.Motor Model - Value Change.png” is where the bit change event is configured, and armed.


Shown in file: “Task out Signal.png” is the Event Frame that is triggered when the bit is changed.


This is working in a digital IO PCI card. But now, due to the need for this work in a laptop, I need it working with USB digital IO device. Can the USB-6501, or other digital USB device, trigger this event frame?

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Looks like the critical part of the code is this "Change Detection" timing type for a Digital Input channel.  You can simulate a USB-6501 in MAX and test this code.  If the USB-6501 doesn't support this, you'll know right away, LabVIEW will return an error immediately.




What was the model of the PCI DIO card?  Perhaps you can compare the specs with USB-6501.


Alternatively, USB-6501 is relatively inexpensive and easy to find on ebay.  You'll spend a little money, but you'll know the answer for sure.




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I learned from NI tech support by way of Newark tech support that the USB device I need is the USB-6525. The USB-6501 cannot do it.


A list of devices that can trigger an event in LabVIEW in response to an input bit state change is here:

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Glad you found the solution!

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