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Can PXI-6527 cards use RTSI routing?

I haven't found a reference that explicitly says that this DIO card can't use the RTSI bus.  I need to know if it is possible to route the inputs of this DIO to the RTSI trigger lines. 
Alternatively, I could modify my application to use the programmable routing of the inputs to outputs and vice versa, like the configurable multiplexers.  If the DIO can't use the RTSI bus then this is still likely not possible.
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Unfotunelty, there isn't a RTSI interface on the DIO-6527! The only digital boards that do are the DIO-653x boards. The DIO-6527 only does unstrobed I/O.
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Also, the PCI-6528, which is a replacement for the 6527, does support RTSI.
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I assumed as such.  Thanks for the validation.

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