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Can I generate digital waveforms for PXI-6541 using c# code?


I have a PXI-6541 which I am using to generate some digital waveforms during my experimental run. I would like to be able to dynamically change some of the waveforms as these control parameters I would like to vary in our experiment (more specifically, I want to vary the pulse length of an analog signal generated by a DDS, which is in turn controlled digitally through the PXI-6541), so I don't think the NI Digital Waveform Editor is the best solution. Is it possible to generate waveforms for this card using the c# DAQmx libraries? I've seen some examples such as tps://, but this doesn't seem to be compatible with the card I have. 

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Hi Jimmy,


What environment are using for controlling the card ? There is a DynamicenrationSoftwareScriptTrigger in CVI (it's in C) that I think you will find usefull. 


Could you give me more details when you describe that the community example isn't compatible, have you tried to use it ? 

Kind Regards,
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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