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Bad SHC68-C68-D3 cable

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I have a bad SHC68-C68-D3 cable.

  • Symptom is some pins appear to be shorted to ground.


Can it be repaired?

  • Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


If it can't be repaired, would NI be interested in getting it to see how it failed or for some other reason?

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Hi, As far as I know, Cables are not repaired by NI. If the cable is within warranty window or part of NI premium services contract, NI will help you the free replacement. If required, you can request for root cause analysis for the damaged cable (if there are more than 1 damaged cable).


NI contacts the customer for hardware covered under a repair program that cannot be repaired and offers an equivalent replacement product, if available. 


For hardware that is not covered under a repair program, NI offers customers the following options:

  1. The customer may upgrade to a newer, functionally equivalent product at the normal list price.
  2. NI can return the product to the customer. There is a nominal testing and handling fee for this option.
  3. The customer can request that NI appropriately dispose of the product at no charge.

More info here -

Dharani | CLA | CTD
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Thanks!  That's pretty much what I expected but it's good to have it confirmed, including links if I want to pursue things further.

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