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Bad file

I have downloaded twice now and have received a bad zip file both times. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Hello kwm,

Because the download is so large, you might want to try using a download manager.

Also, what utility are you using to unzip the file?
What error are you getting when you open it?
Have you tried downloading on a computer with a different internet connection?
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Thanks for the reply. We have a very fast and reliable connection to the internet here a Rockwell so I don't think that is it. I have downloaded DVD images from Microsoft > 1G in size with no problems. My download speed from your server has been > 100K/Sec, so it doesn't take very long. I have tried to open the file with WinAce (allways has worked with ZIPs) and XP (Sees the ZIP as a compressed directory). Both tell me the file is corrupted. If I tell WinAce to fix the ZIP, I am able to recover the last 250K or so of data. How was the file created?
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I just took another look at the download page and answered one of my questions. I see you used WinZip. I'll try that and see if it works.
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I have had some people say that they have more success downloading large files from the NI server in an ftp client such as SmartFTP rather than through the web browser.  From the download page you can copy the download link to obtain the path on the NI ftp server.
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Thanks Jason. I ended up going directly to in Explorer and downloading the file that way. The file downloaded faster using ftp and arrived intact. I can now open it any way I like.
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