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Are there any data acquisistion cards for for a handheld PDA? The Mindspring Visor has a slot where you could plug-in a data acquisition card.

Currently, National Instruments does not have a DAQ Card that is designed for the PDA platform. I reviewed the Handspring Visor and it does have the ability to have add-on such as a digital camera, but the form factor of the add-on cards is different then the form factor of our current DAQ hardware (PCI, ISA, PCMCIA, etc.).
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Actually, the Compaq iPaq Pocket PC (running Windows CE) has an expansion card that allows you to use PCMCIA cards. So, you could use the DAQCard 6533 from NI, but then you'd have to worry about how to aquire the data (software/interface/etc.). You can code in Visual Basic Embedded for the PocketPC, but I think this would be pretty hard....
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Is this practicaly possible
to use Pocket PC (with PCMCI)
and NI PCMCI card ? Can you please advice me if you know a person who can do it?
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Victor: Hopefully you have heard about the new LabVIEW 7.0 PDA module. I am successfully using it for several acquisition projects with a DAQCARD-MIO-16E-4, although I would recommend a different card if you want a better acquisition experience.
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Hello, Oz and others
I'm considering trying a Daqcard AI 16XE-50. I need
16-bit acquisition with 2 or 3 channels at once (skew
okay). Based on your experience with MIO 16E-4, do
you think this is a good idea? Also, I've only found
a CF-to-PCMCIA adapter from HP/Ipaq that allows
external power and I heard that most PDAs provide only
3.3 volts and that the NI cards want 5V.
Do you know of another adapter that can
work with a less-expensive PDA than the high-end iPAQ?
I don't mind breaking the adapter open to access the
appropriate wires to add the external power supply.
Also, do you know of a compact flash extension cable
I could use so the DaqCard doesn't have to hang off
the PDA? Any ideas/thoughts appreciated. Cheers.

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Hi Halden, Oz and Others !

We intend to port a single channel vibration analysis VI to the PDA platform. DaqCard might be 6062 or 6024.

My questions:
1) Which PDA is recommended? You may give me two options: one which is bare minimum and another which could be the best available choice

2) I have been told iPaq is the way to go. Is this correct?

3) What should be the OS?

Gurdas Sandhu, Ph.D.
ORISE Research Fellow at US EPA
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I read that only modern DAQcards work with Labview PDA? Is the DAQCARD MIO-16E-4 supported? How about older cards?

🙂 Torsten
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