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Acquisition in real time

Working with the PCI-6601, I must acquire inside counting the number of impulses of one tightened interval (order of micron tens). In order to make this I have used the examples “Count Digital” and “Count Digital Events-Pause”, also because I generate in more it marks them that she acts as to me from “clock” for the acquisition (from “Gen DIG pulse”). The problem is that it counts always an amount that I do not know, also because varying the acquisition interval taking part on the amplitude of it marks them “clock”, the result does not change and has always the same amount of impulses.  Then I would want that the software inside gave the number to me of impulses of the interval, but I would want that did not accumulate them everytime, but to every interval of acquisition it left again from zero. In attached there is a facsimile of my program: where I am mistaking? Some idea or suggestion on these points?   I know, I have asked too many things and all with, but an aid would serve me truly.  Thanks
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Duplicate post, see here:
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