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AccessViolationException using DigitalSingleChannelWriter.WriteSingleSampleSingleLine



Sometimes I get a System.AccessViolationException, here is the C# code:

tsk.Timing.SampleTimingType = SampleTimingType.OnDemand;
DigitalSingleChannelWriter writer = new DigitalSingleChannelWriter(tsk.Stream);
writer.WriteSingleSampleSingleLine(true, data);

This happens, if the Task "tsk" has done other actions (waveform output) before calling the StopTask.


I already found a solution for this: calling


 after stopping the task.


I'm lucky to have a solution, but now I want to understand what is happening here:

- what exactly is TaskAction.Verify doing?

- is it a good practice to call TaskAction.Verify after every TaskAction.Stop every time? Are there any risks?




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Hello Jochen,


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