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About sbRIO 9606



I am looking at sbRIO-9606. Spec says it has 256MB RAM and 96 FPGA IO.


1. Is it DDR2?


2. What is throughput of this RAM?


3. Is the RAM connected to processor or FPGA?


4. Can FPGA I/O level be 2.5V if 2.5V supply is provided on RMC connector?


5. Can FPGA use external clock via IO on RMC connector? I can not tell which IO is GCLK IO of FPGA.



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Hi maoshuangyue,


Yes, the RAM is DDR2 and connected to the processor, not the FPGA. Since the RAM is connected to the processor, it is transparent to LabVIEW and there is no API to communicate directly to RAM.The FPGA I/O levels are fixed at 3.3V for the DIO on the RMC connector. The manual of the sbRIO-9606 specifies that the minimum input high logical level must be at least 2V and may not exceed 3.465V. The sbRIO-9606 does not support importing an external clock to use in LabVIEW FPGA.


FlexRIO has external clocking capabilities as well as DRAM connected to the FPGA. This product may be more suitable to your needs.

National Instruments
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