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8451 error codes

Is there a document which lists the 8451 Error Codes?  The reason I ask is in all the debugging I have done, I received many error messages and I have yet to see one other than:


Unable to decipher status code  0x657b (25979)

Error - 3 - Status code not defined.


This seems to be a catch all error message.




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Hi ChrisInLG,


Do you know which VI or function the error is coming from?




Chris T.
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Two simple cases come to mind...


1) If I call the ni845xFindDevice routine with no 8451 connected, I will get this message.  I would have thought a "no device found" error msg would be appropriate.


2) If I had just issued a sequence to write to EEPROM on a device on the I2C bus and I then issue an




command issuing a soft reset to the device on the bus, I get this same error message, due to the fact that the EEPROM update was not finished.  Adding a delay of 20 or so ms cured the problem.  But I would have expected a error message tell me that the 8451 did not recieve an ACK.


3) if I send an invalid command to the I2C device resulting in a NAK rather than an ACK, I also get this error message.  


These are fairly simple and common errors that I would have thought the error handler would call out.  Hence I was wondering what errors conditions are actually recognized and report on by the ni845xStatusToString call.








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Hi ChrisInLG,


The error codes that are used can be found in the C header files for the 845x driver. There it defines the constants and has the corresponding error value next to it.


Header file is named:



Can be found in Program Files\National Instruments\NI-845X\MS Visual C


Hope this helps!

Chris T.
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Thanks Chris....That helps.

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