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6571 encounter error -1074102162 during initial

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Hi ,

     In my test case, I use a SMU and 6571.  We will occasionally have error from SMU and then our test sequence will skip the close session step of 6571.  When we try to run the test sequence again, we will encounter this error -1074102162 in 6571 initial every time.   

     And when this error happen ,  windows will turn to blue screen 10 sec after error happen. 

only power down first and power on again can fix this issue. 

     Not sure what happen.  


     We're using digial pattern driver 19.0.1






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Hi @eprq,


There is currently a bug report aimed at understanding and fixing the blue screen that occurs after the error, but the error -1074102162 is expected when the NI-Digital driver session is not properly closed. The error refers to a DMA transfer that did not finish running and it is reset after powering the device down.


It is recommended that users ensure that the digital session is properly closed before attempting to use the digital pattern instrument.


I hope this helps,


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