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6570 Compatibility with Third-party PXI Controller

Hey guys, I have one set of NI PXI Platform, the PXI chassis is PXIe-1082, and there're several cards inside it, such as PXIe-6570, PXIe-6368 and PXIe-4142. I have replaced my NI controller with Adlink' PXIe-3985, but self-test in Max has failed. When I run the examples, error occurs in "burst". Besides, when I new a pin map, I can't find the related modules. All the other NI PXI hardware can communicate successfully with PXIe-3985, except for the 6570. The NI PXI controller also works well with 6570. Has anyone encountered this problem? It seems there's some incompatibility between 6370 and 3985, such as SMBus communication. The driver version is NI-Digital 18.0, both NI and Adlink controller run 64-bit Windows 7.
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Ideally, the PXI organization defines the standard so that all the manufacturer's products are compatible with each other. But, in your case, it is totally weird. Could you please share screenshots of what you see in NI MAX on the Adlink controller?


Did you try raising a support request to NI?

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Hi, Santhosh Thanks for your reply. Sorry I didn't save the screenshot during the test. The Adlink controller is now working in another 1082 chassis, which has replaced 6570 with 6556, and is working well. I have searched the NI website, but didn't find any useful information, and the readme file in the latest driver also doesn't mention it. I haven't reached NI for help, because here we need SSP to get technical help which we didn't buy.
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