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6509 configuring a lines in ports

Hello i am into the programming of DIO 6509,I have problem in that programming.I have port 0/line0,port0/line1,port0/line2 as input signals..when give the input signal it passes through one IC and get me a signal at port0/line3. As i send the data to the following ports "port 0/line0,port0/line1,port0/line2 " i am getting the proper output in the IC pin(which is connected to port0/line3 measured using the DMM) but when i use the program to read the particular port-line the value its was there in  following ports "port 0/line0,port0/line1,port0/line2  " goes off iam not getting any output in port0/line3....if u have any solution for these please inform.


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Can you be more specific about the term 'goes off'.

I dont think that you can configure the individual lines as input or output.

You can configure the port as an input or output.So you can use the port 0 as output and port 1 as input.
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"Goes off" means the signal in the corresponding line is becoming zero... so u r were saying is it possible to configure a set of lines as input or output in particular port,but as a whole port it can be configure as output or input... any other suggestion regarding these problem?
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Hi ,

No there is no other way you would have to use another port for input. 

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