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24 bit sampling with standard soundcard?

I am trying  to get my soundcard to sample with a resolution of 24 bit, but I can only get Labview to work properly with 16 bits. I don't get an error message when I try to sample with 24 bits, but the signal to noise ratio gets drops significantly compared to 16 bits.
I'm using Labview 8.0 and my soundcard is a "Creative Audigy 2 USB", which should be able to sample with 24 bits. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?
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Hi Jacob,

Try to run Finite Sound from Labview example finder and make sure that you can acquire at 24bits signal without error(32bits and 64bits will give you a hardware error?), then you can try to update your soundcard driver. Run the attached .vi to finde the current soundcard driver.

Labview 8.0 does support 24bits and you shouldn't see a drop on the S/N ratio when you go from 16- to 24bits resolution(But don't expect a huge increase either). Can you tell me what kind of signal you are trying to sample, samle rate and how do your measure the S/N ratio?


Dennis Morini
District Sales Manager
National Instruments Denmark
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