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100 pin cable options - SH100-100-F too bulky

I've run into this issue again and again, but still have not found a great way to handle it.  I want to connect an industrial Digital I/O card (PXI-6514, 6515, 6528, etc) which has a 100pin connector to a 100-pin breakout board (or pcb with the same HPDB100 connector).  However, the SH100-100-F cable is too bulky and I have a lot of trouble routing it in my system.  The R1005050 cable would be perfect if it had the 100-pin connnector on both ends (which it does not).  Does NI have any other options, or are there any suggestions for other SCSI cables?  Shielding is not necessary as the cards are only used for controlling relays/reading switches.


Thank you,


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Hi ggothing,


Unfortunately we do not sell a 100 pin cable in ribbon form. If you would like to make your own cable, the 100 pin cable connector from the R1005050 is manufacturered by AMP and has the part number 749111-8.

Steven K.
National Instruments
Software Engineer
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Yes, unfortunately, that connector does not accept any standard 0.050" ribbon cable, and a backshell for ribbon cables is not available.


Thanks for the reply, though.

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