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Mechanical Vibration Analysis


Mechanical Vibration Analysis



Important Details before I ask my Question:


1. I need to do an experiment that would generally get the mechanical frequency response (frequency of the vibration) of a material when stimulated (possibly by impact, tap, and other methods) so I can do analysis on it (Frequency Analysis, Time Frequency Analysis, Wavelet Analysis, etc)


2. Available tools are:

          a) 3-axis accelerometer

          b) Labview Full Development System Version 8.6.1

          c) NI PCI-6251 DAQ

          d) NI PCI-5114


3. This is my first exposure to Labview. I have no experience with this and I'm new to this. So I'm here to ask for support from you guys. I reall need your help.

4. I would have tried learning as much as I can about Labview first before posting a question here but my time is limited for this specific experiment so I had to "dive in" and ask you guys first hand to get a general idea on how to approach this. I am really very unsure how to do this but I think that it is possible to conduct this experiment with Labview because I've read other posts and papers here that have done something very similar to what I need to do.



When I was trying out Labview, I found that it had an NI Sound an Vibration Assistant. But when I tried to open it, it wouldn't open. What are the possible reasons for this?


Can I do the experiment with the given available tools or is the Sound and Vibration Toolkit necessary for it to work?


With my initial readings, I found that the PCI-6251 is what I should use for getting signal.


What VI available from the Labview 8.6.1 Full Development System can I use to:

 -acquire the vibration data and convert it to power spectrum

 -acquire the vibration data and do frequency analysis on it.


I've been going through the posts here and through other research projects in this website but I may have missed some so if anyone could direct me to links that they think might be useful, please do. I could really use any help I could get right now.



With kind regards,

Jason Ray Crispo


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Re: Mechanical Vibration Analysis

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Mod.. I think I accidentally posted this at the wrong category.. Sorry.. I wouln't mind if this was transfered.. thanks..

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Re: Mechanical Vibration Analysis

Mod, please delete this thread. I reposted this thread in the Labview category. I'm sorry for the mistake.
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