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Tutorial: License a LabVIEW Executable Using Protection PLUS 5 SDK (LabVIEW Edition)

Tutorial: License a LabVIEW Executable Using Protection PLUS 5 SDK LabVIEW Edition

Visit the Blog for help Choosing the Best Licensing Method for your LabVIEW Tools.


This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the Licensing Sample project using Protection PLUS 5 SDK and LabVIEW 2009 or later. The tutorial starts with common implementation steps and then describes how to activate automatically or manually using SOLO Server.


  • LabVIEW 2009 or later
  • “LabVIEW Executable” LabVIEW project.
  • Protection PLUS 5 SDK LabVIEW Edition from Concept Software (30-evaluation available at
  • Internet Connection

Step 1 - Configuring the Licensing Sample Project

Open the “LicensingSample.lvproj” project found in the Samples directory. The Samples directory can be opened by running Protection PLUS 5 SDK from your start menu/screen, and clicking on the Protection PLUS 5 SDK Samples link.


Once the Licensing Sample has loaded in the LabVIEW Development Environment, expand the Licensing Sample Folder.


Right-click, and choose Run.


Step 2 - Activating automatically with SOLO Server

To activate the Sample Licensing Application automatically using SOLO Server, click on Activate Online. A new dialog will prompt for a License ID and Password (both are required). Specifying an installation name is optional, but helpful when performing multiple installations for different machines and/or users.


For ease of use, all of the Protection PLUS 5 sample applications use a generic Test Author account with its own Encryption Key ID. We will use this Test Author account on SOLO Server to generate the License ID and password necessary to activate the Licensing Sample.

To log into SOLO Server, visit Use the Test Author credentials given below:

Login ID: test

Password: test


Once logged in, mouse over ‘Authors’ in the navigation bar, and select ‘Products > List’.


The Product List page will show all of the products available to the Test Author. Expand ‘Show Options’ beside the Protection PLUS 5 SDK Sample product. The Option Details show different Product Options for activating the Licensing Sample application. For this tutorial, we will generate a license for the Full License.


To add a test license for this product option, mouse over Customers in the navigation bar, and click ‘Add Test License’.


Select the Protection PLUS 5 SDK Sample Full License. Type a password of your choice in the password field below, and click Test License.


Test Licenses are meant for software development integration and testing purposes ONLY and should never be sent to a real customer. Test Licenses are DELETED from the license database on the first day of every month. Press OK to continue when prompted.


The Test License has now been created. We now have a License ID and Password to continue testing the Licensing Sample.


Return to the activation prompt for our Licensing Sample. Enter the License ID and Password in their respective fields and, optionally, an Installation Name. Click Activate to communicate with SOLO Server for license validation.


Upon successful activation, a confirmation dialog is shown. If the activation fails, please verify the information entered with the license details on SOLO Server.


The License Status will now show as Fully Licensed.


Step 3 - Refresh a License

A license can be refreshed with updated information sent from SOLO Server. We can modify customer details from the License Details page on SOLO Server. On the License Details page, click Edit, located to the right of the Customer ID.


Modify the Company Name and additional fields as you please. Remove uncheck the check box setting to the right of Unregistered. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.



After the Customer Details have been saved, the page returns to the Customer Information page. This page includes customer details we have edited in addition to licenses and previous orders.


Return to the Licensing Sample Main Dialog to proceed with a license refresh. Click Refresh License. If the licensed successfully refreshed, the License Status will now update with the modified customer details.


Step 4 - Process a Manual Activation

If you previously activated the Licensing Sample online using SOLO Server, you will need to deactivate the license before testing manual activations. In the Main Dialog of the Licensing Sample, click Deactivate. A confirmation will appear if the license was successfully deactivated.


The License Status will now show “Evaluation expired”.


Click Activate Manually to proceed with testing a manual activation. A manual activation allows for activations from another computer or by e-mail. Follow the instructions in Step # 2 to generate a new license. Alternatively, we can also check the number of activations remaining for the License ID generated when we tested automatic activations online using SOLO Server.


Return to SOLO Server using the Test Author account. Perform a quick search for the License ID previously used to activate online (If you no longer have this number, proceed to create a new License ID as shown in Step # 2).


When we clicked on deactivate license, SOLO Server automatically incremented the amount of activations left by 1. This setting was predefined in the Product Option ID we selected for testing. If you need to manually increase the number of activations left, you can increment this number by clicking the right facing arrow in the Activations Left field.


Return to the Activate Manually for our Licensing Sample. Enter the License ID and Password in their respective fields and click Generate Request.


This dialog will generate an encrypted activation request to be processed by the activation server. Click Copy to copy this data to the clipboard. Next, click Open Activation Web Page. This web page is accessible from another computer with access to the Internet in the event that an offline workstation needed to be activated. Once you arrive to the License Portal page, paste the encrypted activation request data, and click Submit.



The License Portal will now generate an encrypted response. Copy this data to later paste in the Activation Code field of the activation window.



Return to the activation window and paste the encrypted response into the Activation Code field and click Activate.



Upon successful activation, a confirmation dialog is shown. If the activation fails, please verify the information entered with the license details on SOLO Server.


The License Status will now show as Fully Licensed.