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Why My Addon name is not listed in the Third Party Add-on window

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The German version of LabVIEW should not cause any issue.  Unfortunately, the 2011 build of LabVIEW will not have the LV2P debugging statements as they were added in LabVIEW 2012.  Which add-on are you trying to activate?  Do you receive an error when opening an example VI for the add-on?  If so, what error? Can you verify the license file exists for this add-on in the registry and on disk?   Registry for Win7 x64: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\National Instruments\LabVIEW\13.0\PartnerAddons  License files: c:\programdata\National Instruments\partners\  In the registry and on disk there will be a folder/token for the partner product.

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We are trying to activate our own library.

If we try to use add-on we get a message: "[Library name] add-on is expired or invalidly licensed".

License exists both on disk and in the registry.

We tried to run "RegisterAddon.exe" as administrator, but it hasn't changed anything.

Log file from RegisterAddon shows that registration was ok.

Any more tips? It's a little bit curcial for us to get it running, otherwise we can not really use the toolkit...

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Do you have a period in the company name registered in your product definition?  If so, please remove it and try to go through the process again.

Could you email your log file and a screen capture of your registry entries to us at


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No, company name does not contain any periods.

I send a log and screenshots to the address provided.

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Hi David and Robert.

A potential customer is in a situation similar to Prithivi's.  Unfortunately, the link that David posted on Aug 1 2012 is no longer valid.  Do you know if the update that David refers to is still available on the MS website?


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Hey John,

I tried to find their root certificates update about 6 months ago and it looks like they removed access to the installer/update they were hosting.  Perhaps it has something to do with phasing out Windows XP/7?

What OS is the customer running?  Do they have access to Windows Updates?


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Hi Robert.

The customer is currently using Win XP.  They're going to look into using a newer OS.

Thanks for your help.


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@RDR wrote:

Maybe this would work:


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We have a problem similar to discussed here - the add-on we made does not show up in Help->Activate Add-s section.

I have created a separate discussion, because this one is marked as solved.

Please, take a look, any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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