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We will soon be called the NI Tools Network!

NI Employee
Whether we've worked together for a long time, or only a short while, we appreciate you working with us to share your products through the Tools Network.
For years, our program has been officially referred to as the LabVIEW Tools Network. Its original focus was extending LabVIEW with addons to increase everyone's capability. That is still true today, but the Tools Network has grown to include many other types of products too. Today we have TestStand, VeriStand, and other software addons in addition to a growing list of standalone application software for various customer applications.
We have decided that now is the time to broaden the program name, and refer to it moving forward as the NI Tools Network. It's a name change only. Our mission, and what we work on, will remain the same.
We know you may have some questions, so please reach out ( We'll be happy to discuss the change and your feedback.
Best regards,
The NI Tools Network Team
Matt J - NI Tools Network