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Worksheet Compare

The attachment contains all files (excluding vi.lib) needed to create the "Worksheet Compare" application in LabVIEW 2015 or higher.

This application compares worksheets in specified workbooks using Beyond Compare.  Press the double arrow button to compare worksheets as TXT files saved to the "tmp" folder in the application directory.  Data differences are displayed using a table or text file viewer in Beyond Compare.

Press the tool button to configure comparisons in Beyond Compare.  Enable editing of TXT files to allow merging of selected rows.  Save any changes back to a specified worksheet using the down arrow button.  This button becomes disabled after use.  Compare worksheets again to enable arrow buttons.

See the presentation for additional information.

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Fixed a mispelled extension in the left-side browse option (*.slxb to *.xlsb).  Right-side browse option is correct.  You could make the fix yourself in the previous version.  New upload is compiled in LabVIEW 2015.

I checked functionality with xlsb files.  Both read and write functions seem to work fine.  Apparently NI Report Generation Toolkit VIs do not work with these files.  Let me know if anyone needs the current set of Excel functions.  (

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This LabVIEW 2012 x86 application now compares Access database tables and Excel worksheets using Beyond Compare.  Open a data link (UDL) file to specify a table or open a workbook to select a worksheet.  I've only tested with Access database tables, but the app may work with other databases.  Press the info button for help with this application.

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