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Inno Setup advice

At our last ALARM meeting, the discussion touched on using Inno Setup instead of the Installation Building built into LabVIEW. It would be great (in my opinion) to have a presentation on that. In any case, I'm wondering if there is a local ALARM resource who has done this whose brain I could pick. Maybe just 10 minutes as a professional courtesy. Maybe paid for a couple of hours to get our installer project off the ground.




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     I use Inno Setup but I don't do anything clever with it and I don't use any of it's fancy scripting capabilities. I also don't use any of it's fancy GUI's, I just use its text editor to build it's scripts. We could meet to talk about it if you want, but I'm no real expert in it. 

     I could do a ALARM presentation on it, but I probably won't make it to the July meeting due to vacation travel so it would have to be the September meeting. 


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