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issue when create new module from custom template

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thanks first for this great framework!


we made a custom module template, and have created a new module from this template, for the first time.

and curious thing occured, when we tried to create another new module.

here is the error displayed.


we finally find the template api tester is moved inside the lvlib automatical, though this api tester is originally included in the "Tester" virtual folder, before the first time we use this template to create a module,like this.



and if we remove the api tester outside and back to the "Tester" virtual folder again, we can use this template to create new module again without error. but again, the api tester is moved inside the lvlib, and error occured.





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I reported the bug directly to Delacor 2 months ago, and they created an issue.


I'm pretty sure that the next version of DQMH will come with a fix 🙂


To be curious, I came across the issue because I would like to duplicate an existing module inside my project. I created a feature request for that, by that way -->


What was your use case?


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@Olivier-JOURDAN wrote:

I reported the bug directly to Delacor 2 months ago, and they created an issue.


I'm pretty sure that the next version of DQMH will come with a fix 🙂


It will be in the next release.


For now, when adding a new DQMH module from template, make sure the module used to create the template is not in the same project as to where you are adding the new module. You could create a blank project just to add your DQMH module and then move the module folder to the correct location. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope the workaround can help you out for now.


Thanks again for your trust in DQMH,



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it is similar with your case. we define each test item as a module, and there are almost 40 test items in this project.


each test item will be loaded dynamic and we create a module "test execute" to act like a middleware to manage these items.


we have refered to HSE application template for way of dynamic loading and registering modules. this framework is a little bit complicated for us, so we just use simple dqmh template.



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all right, this is the way out and it works.

looking forward to the next release.

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