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Error adding new module from my template

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Hello to all!


I've created my own template for the first time. There was no problem doing that. But I forgot to add some controls to my library and after creating some modules I've found out that I was breaking all of them everytime I modified the typedef 😀.


I tried to restart the situation by creating again the template but now I can't create a new module from my template. It works if I select the singleton or cloneable.

The error is this one:




I already:

1. reinstalled DQMH;

2. Validate the module.


What can I do more?


PS: the module template is in the attachment.


Thanks in advance!


Jorge Amaral


Software developer

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Hey Jorge, this issue has been reported before, Olivier and Fab answered and provided a solution/workaround.

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Hello Joerg,


I don't think that it's my case. I made a quick test with two new projects to create the template and to create a new module and the result is the same. 

But now I've found out that i've done some changes to the controls when I had several modules in error to recover them. Since I didn't knew that I was modifying the template those applied to the template too. 

The template is simple and I think that I will create a new one to fix this situation.


Thank you very much for your time!


Jorge Amaral

Software developer

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