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Discussion regarding feature request: Change "bundle" to "bundle by name" in EHL, Use dummy Cluster or improve wire-scripting

AlexElb added this feature request


Here is a picture of the feature request (Alex, if you are reading, please add a link to this discussion to your feature request post, thanks)

change bundle to bundle by name feature request.jpg


We use bundle instead of bundle by name because at least this way LabVIEW grows the bundle automatically when we add new elements and we can figure out during debugging that we forgot to wire them (believe me, it has happened to me too!). 

We already have a "dummy" cluster for the argument, this feature request would require yet another dummy cluster. If we get enough kudos to the idea, we could add this. Another option would be to add a scripting tool to modify the existing arguments for an event (feel free to add that as a feature suggestion).


I would prefer if LabVIEW would just make the cluster available via the event node, luck would have it, there is already an Idea Exchange entry for that, please vote for it. Who knows, we may get it 😉


Thanks for  your trust  in DQMH,


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Thank you Fabiola for pointing to this idea exchange entry, I had missed it... I've been wishing for this for as long as I've used user events, hope the votes will get a kick up!

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