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DQMH5.0 + Labview 2019 Clonable module not closing properly.

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Hi All,


Please find the attachment below,


My DQMH 5.0 Clonable module not closing Properly its keeping on incrementing module number. even after stopping the module.


The same module with Labview 2018 + DQMH 4.0 is Ifine but in DQMH5.0 + Labview 2019 SP1 is not closing properly.


Thanks & Regards,


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Accepted by SaranVenkateshS

Hi Saran,


There was a change in DQMH 5.0. The numbers start now at 1 instead of 4001 and they continue to increment. The way you do know that the module does stop is that the library for the clone is not locked after you stop the API Tester.


There is more explanations about this change in the first VI in the lower left of the You can choose to change the boolean input to destroy the reference in exit and that will be the same behavior as before. However, that leaves your program succeptible to root loop issues.


Check the video of the presentation Joerg and I gave at VI week, we show there what the root loop issue was and how DQMH 5.0 fixes it.


We added a section to the documentation on what is new, look at the section on the changes on how DQMH modules start now. 


Let me know if this is clear now or if you have any further questions.


Best regards and thanks for your trust in DQMH,



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