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Create a Round Trip without required inputs

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Create a Round Trip without required inputs

I am curious on how people use a round trip to get a response from a module versus a request and reply or if they create a separate request and broadcast.  I have different solutions, just looking for some ideas.


EX. I want to have a request get me the value of X (a string) and the reply should be (X) is equal to value (float).  Think querying a register.


So if I did a request and reply, the request is a String, and the reply payload would be a String and a Float.


However, I don't want to have the lockup so I am making a round trip.  Variables: String and Float.  But if I do this all the controls are "required" for the request, even though the one is really only valid for the reply.


So what is the suggested action at this point.

  1. Modify the scripted VI to not make the float required or even replace it with a constant.
    1. I am hesitant to change the scripted code
  2. Leave the request as is and the developer just needs to know they can put a constant there but it is un-used
    1. Not great
  3. Don't use the Round Trip and create 2 separate events.
    1. Fine, I just originally liked the round trip idea, it is the data that posed the issue.
    2. Potential feature request: Make a round trip with a reply "payload" that may be different than the request.  Not sure how to expose this so it may just be best to require creating 2 events.


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Accepted by topic author Evan
03-02-2017 12:58 PM

Re: Create a Round Trip without required inputs

I would make two independent events, the request with the string and the broadcast with the DBL. These two events wouldn't be 'officially' related in any way, so I don't see any benefit in having the Create Event dialog link them by letting you create two different arguments when making the round trip.


I've had this use case a few times, and it didn't feel weird to me to create two different events. In fact, now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I created an official round trip event. I always use Request and Wait for Reply, or just unrelated request and broadcast events.

Darren Nattinger, CLA
LabVIEW Artisan and Nugget Penman
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Re: Create a Round Trip without required inputs

Thanks Darren,


That is kind of what I thought, it is just nice to get feedback that I am on the correct path.

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