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Proposal : If left unwired, the DAQmx Create Channel Minimum and Maximum Value inputs would default to the maximum value for whatever physical channel was wiredCurrently for example, AO Voltage defaults to +/- 10 VSome devices such as the USB 6008 are limited to 0 to +5 VFor programs that allow for different daq devices to be used and changed at run time, one does not know ahead of time what the allowable input limits will be and cannot be assignedIs it possible to use the DAQmx Device property I/O Type:Analog Output:Voltage:Ranges to obtain the limits and then wire that result however this involves extra coding to make use of themIf the DAQmx Create Channel is used at many places in a vi it becomes cumbersome to have to extract the property for every instance of usei.e. even if DAQmx Create Channel is done once, another call to it does not retain the values previously setA solution would be for DAQmx Create Channel to simply obtain the minimum and maximum values based on whatever physical channel was wired to it and use them.

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