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NI 7842R Manual

Status: New

1. on page 2-4 of the manual (😞

here is a sketch or a picture helpful to understand the text.


2. a terminal diagramm in the manual for each card (PXI, PCI) is also very helpful.

Alternatively a paper with the terminal diagramm to send with the devices.


Knight of NI

I don't understand what you are asking for here.


What picture do you want on page 2-4?


Terminal diagrams are located in appendix A.

NI Employee (retired)

In my opinion it is easier to understand page 2-4 with a small picture how to connect the Grd SENSE for exapmle.



Knight of NI

That page doesn't talk about Grd SENSE.

NI Employee (retired)

I am sorry, I send the wrong link:

here is the right link:


and not GND SENSE but AI SENSE.

Knight of NI

And what does this have to do with LabVIEW?

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Knight of NI

This whole idea has to be reworked.  The title should be SCB-68A Manual.


And this has nothing to do with LabVIEW as crossrulz said.  He belongs in the Data Acquisition Idea Exchange.


Since you are an NI guy, you might have better pull if you find out which of your colleagues created this documentation and suggest it to them.