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Interactive DaqMx simulation interface ... (Popup panels for simulated hardware) ... Or better, DaqMx Simulation API for process simulation ...



How often you have build Labview applications using simulated DaqMx boards ...

And how often you were limited by the default behaviour of simulated boards ... ( Sinewave for analogic inputs, Counter square signal for digital inputs ... )


It would be nice to integrate in DaqMx simulated boards, the abilty to modify the default behaviour of simulated inputs ... thru dedicated popups


It would be nice, for each task linked to a simulated daqMx board, to launch a popup window ...


  • For digital input, give the abilty to modify for each configured channel , the current binary value.
  • For analog input, give the ability to choose between a fixed value, a sine wave, a square signal ... white noise ...
  • For digital output, give the ability to view the current setted values
  • For analog output, give the ability to view the current simulated output value on a waveform chart ...


A more powerfull tool could also integrate a simulated channels switching mechanism ... A simulated output could be linked to a simulated input 


This feature could be a good way to create an application which could simulate a complete process ... this application could be used to validate a complete system

(such a kind of SIL architecture)


Other idea .... A complete daqMx simulation API ...


  • Creation of an API which could instanciate a simulated daqMx board (Wich could be seen via MAX)
    • Takes place of the actual limited daqMx simulated board
  • This device could then be accessed by other application thru daqMx
  • This API could have access to all channels of this simulated device.
  • This API could force, programmatically, the value of the simulated input channels according to a realistic process model


Something like this ...




Great idea!


I had something very similar made myself 12 years ago for the PLC simulator we used to control production tool. In simulator we had ability to set DI and AI individually, and display DO and AO. Also, because for most of the AO our system was supposed to have AI (setpoint/feedback) we had ability to "connect" AO to the same AI number. So, our control will be always happy. When you want to test abnormal behavior you just disconnect AO from  AI and type value manually.

Active Participant

That's great idea, I wish they could implement something like this... 


Could not agree more with this idea! This feature would be a big help and could lower the debugging time significantly.


Being able to see what the simulated Digital and Analog Outputs are doing would be very great!

At the moment there's no visibility and there's no way of probing to confirm operation without hardware.

At least with inputs you can see something happening, even if it's not what you want.