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Expand Number of inputs on 9218 Card

Currently there are only two options available if you want a C-series card that has ±10V analog inputs with internal excitation voltage. Both of the available options have serious limitations which makes them impractical in dynamic testing environments. 


9218: With two input channels, it is impractical for large channel count testing. As an example at our test facility, we may run 60 analog channels which would require 30 of these cards. That would require 4 cRIO chassis' 

9219: With a max sample rate of 100 s/s, it cannot be used in a dynamic environment to accurately record data. 




There are two options that would be very beneficial to dynamic testing:

1) Add more input channels to the 9218 card so that high channel count tests don't need 3+ cRIO's. 

2) Make a new card similar to the 9218 with less capability but more input channels (No bridge, no IEPE, no ±20mA). 

For example:

± 5V, ±10V, ±60V Input Range

± 1V, ± 5V, ± 10V Internal Excitation

Minimum of 4 analog input channels.

Sample Rate 5 Ks/s


Does anyone else have a need for a card like this?